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Premier Brad Wall film tax credit

About Me

William Fuller is a high school student. He likes talking politics, specifically political parties and their different values and beliefs. He also enjoys discussing different controversies with all political parties. Over the last year, he has been openly critical of the Premier of his province - Brad Wall. In the March 2012 provincial budget, he eliminated the film employment tax credit. In the months after this happened, almost every film company fled the province to places like Alberta. This is very ironic because five years earlier when he was first elected, Brad Wall said he wanted make significant changes to the economy that would discourage more people from moving to neighboring provinces for jobs. On twitter, Brad Wall always answers people that have valid questions for him. William politely asked Brad some taugh questions as to how he justified cutting the film employment tax credit. Brad completely ignored the question, and William was left wondering why a Canadian Premier would act so cold and rude.

Life Philosophy

If something doesn't go your way, take a step back then work hard to try and make something go your way in the future.

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