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Life, choices, books, authors, marriage, careers, education, children, marriage, life choices.

About Me

Page by page your life begins to shape you and teach you how to deal with whatever. The pages add up to chapters. The chapters are defined by an event that causes you to change your opinion of what you expected your life to be. As the pages turn and each chapter of your life begin to add, you think you see where your life is headed, where you dream to be as you grow and mature. Just as your life is "comfortable" in every aspect of your life, education, marriage, career, children, all is good and you are content. Then a phone call changes everything. Or a test result turns your life upside down. Life is never predictable. But, how you choose to react to the things that happen in your life, that's what makes you who you are. Life is a choice....you are the one that makes the choices on every page of your life book. Make a good book that you can be proud of.

Life Philosophy

Life is what you choose to make it.

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