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Sam C Capener
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    May 23rd, 2008
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Reading. Writing. Doodling. Snoozing. Imaginary Kung-Fu. Platypus Racing. Eloquence before Loquatiousness. Catching Santa. Minor Theft. World Domination. Cuddly Things.

About Me

Heya, my name is Sam. I'm from just outside a little town not far from Birmingham; which means I basically live in a field. Sometimes the neighboring sheep get unruly, and they come and press themselves against the windows of my house. At night you can hear them scratching at the doors, trying to get in. I have a brother and two parents, though I'm not sure where I have put them. They might be in storage in the loft. That's where most things end up. I love reading and writing. This is probably because books were a handy alternative to friends when I was little. After all, books never take all your money and then get drunk and throw up on your shoes. Well, except for that one time, anyway - that'll teach me never to read the Necronomicon again. Presently I am "studying" German at Oxford university, which mainly involves taking naps and supping on Milkshakes from the delightful MooMoo's. I know you are reading this.

Life Philosophy

Treat every day as though it were your last; by which I mean sob a lot and try to get things for free.

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