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Born in the North West of England, in the stunning Lake District, I grew up with a love of nature: the lakes, mountains, birds and fresh air. It was while at secondary school in London that I began to enjoy photo-graphy. I had a 2nd hand Praktica SLR camera and shall never forget when I bought a fabulous Tamron 200m zoom. I used to spend hours over the weekend in the leafy parks taking photos of pigeons, down and outs on benches, sunsets, whatever caught my eye. It wasn't until about 20 years later, with children growing up, that I bought a digital camera (just 2.1 mp) and picked up 'the bug' again. Any opportunity and I would be out taking pictures, especially landscapes, flowers, birds, macro and night shots. I have recently purchased my 3rd Sony in 10 years, the Alpha 350 DSLR with extra 70-300mm Tamron lens. My intermediate Sony Cybershot F828 (lovely machine) still brings me great pleasure, such special moments behind the lens with the excellent swivel barrel feature unique I believe to that model. Having lived in South America for about 20 years, I had many opportunities to visit wonderful places and get close up to amazing sights, not least my friendly humming birds that would visit our garden in Asunción, Paraguay, most days. I hope you enjoy these images and that they help you "relax", "enjoy" and "be amazed" at what God has given to us to delight in: His wonderful creation. Tony Somervell

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