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gardening, tropical fish, music,tv, games, world politics, quantum physics/mechanics, timetravel research.

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I have for many years been trying to find the truth of why everything became into being hence my interests in quantum physics/mechanics & timetravel research. I used to work in the care community firstly in a local hospitsl and then in a local daycare setting with elderly clients who suffer from Dementia,i enjoyed my job until i had to leave due to Sciatica and a minor disability with certain types of stairs. I would describe myself as a cheery person, gsoh,non drinker, trying to quit smoking and definately no drugs as they seem to have created Hell on Earth for alot of people in the world and governments do absolutely nothing to eradicate the Poppy plant even though they can. Anyway, I have been single for nearly two years now and i have been looking for my perfect partner, (if there is such a thing). I find it very boring being unemployed plus it puts one into a "Povertytrap" which doesn't help much when looking for a partner not to mention embarrassing on occasion. I am not religious but respect all other religions and other cultures all over the world as i feel this is very important for a Global Community to live together and for all the peoples of the world to live as one multilingual Society with no Borders or Meaningless Political Wars Propogated by Governments to satisfy their own Egos.

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