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Let's just cut to the main points: I am the happier in my life now than ever before, When i think about how wonderful my life is it only seems to get better,and i am really excited about what the future holds for Erik and I. I thank God as often as i can remember too for everything i have, but especially for Erik. For those that haven't had the pleasure of meeting Erik sometimes it may seem that i have made him out to be some "mythical creature" because everything is always "perfect". Erik is not perfect, and I'm far from it, but he is perfect for me and i don't think i could have found another person in the whole world that better suits me. I work as a probation officer but my goal is for Erik and i to run our own business or 2 and for me to be a stay at home mom. For now we are taking one thing at a time and there are 3 things at the top of the priority list 1. Start a family 2.continue to improve our home 3.Plan another vacation! If you have never treated yourself to a vacation that is really a vacation you should it's not that expensive and well worth the money, you will see when the honeymoon pictures are posted. Other plans include getting my degree ( I'm about 1.5 years away), Getting a few other tattoos, getting buff, finish some scrapbooks. So there i think thats everything ............

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