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Kurt V Beasley [Not Updated]

About Me

Kurt V. Beasley is the founding Partner of Waterford Law Group, PLLC and has been practicing business law and providing management consulting for over 20 years. Kurt’s unique approach to the art of law is based deeply in his relationships and commitment to his clients. He brings previous years of banking and private accounting experience into his caring approach to his profession, which is matched by a commitment to excellence in research, preparation, and issue resolution. Kurt V Beasley has enjoyed a challenging and diverse experience history that has enabled him to obtain deep industry knowledge in the areas of corporate structure, merger & acquisition counsel, corporate and individual litigation, and capital planning. “I feel very fortunate to have started my career as a practicing CPA and banker, because from that early experience I learned the realities of what it takes to run a business…and an understanding of the challenges that business owners face in their everyday efforts.” Kurt V Beasley has practiced before the Federal Administrative Law Court as an expert in complex utility tax cases and has practiced public accounting with an emphasis in tax. He is the founder and director of a nationally recognized nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Vision Ministries. Kurt Beasley has successfully argued cases before the Tennessee state courts, and the Court of Appeals. He has been an advocate for the exercise of First Amendment Rights and has argued for those rights before the U.S. Federal Court and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals (Settle vs Dickson County Board of Education). Kurt has also tried numerous other business and individual cases ranging from employee contracts to land disputes. Given his experience and level of success, you will be pleased to find that Kurt’s style is engaging, caring, and thoughtful. He is someone who utilizes his faith as a path toward client understanding and human empathy. Kurt V Beasley is actively involved in charitable giving and social ministries in both his practice and his life. Waterford’s view of its clients is relational by design, and he credits his father for his passion for those people who are experiencing a difficult life or business issue. “My father was a circuit preacher. You don’t see many of those people any more. But he went places to preach where other preachers were unwilling to go. At Waterford, I have been determined to build a firm that is likewise willing to go to places with clients that many lawyers will not go.” “You see the practice of law is my bridge to building relationships.” Kurt V Beasley believes that Waterford clients are a community – not an annuity. Because of this, Waterford Law PLLC is a reflection of this founding partner’s vision of not just the practice of law, but rather, the art of law. Client focused, skilled and dedicated, and compassionate and reflective.

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Kurt V Beasley [Not Updated]

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