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Online Address Book

Welcome to our unique free online address book service.

By registering with us, you can be found and contacted by old friends within 3 clicks of a Google search of your name. You don't have to reveal your email address and the person contacting you doesn't have to be registered.

We give you your very own web page (which we call your "profile page") where you can show as much or a little of your personal contact information as you want. It can be as little as your name, gender and nationality - or as much as your personal and work contact details (both physical and electronic), your websites, your interests and photos. You have total control over your information with our privacy settings, so you can restrict your information to just your friends if desired.

You can see how little and how much information you can store on your profile page here - short profile or full profile.

Any messages sent to you go through our email gateway and are forwarded on to your email address, so you don't have to come to the website to retrieve them.

You can leave whenever you want and delete your profile page and all your personal information. The "Delete Me" button is easy to find in your profile settings.

We have lowered the barriers, so you can be easily found and connected with the people you want to be connected with.

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Contact Button

Whether you want to register or not, anyone can pick up a Contact Button.

You can paste the Contact Button on your website, blog or forum in place of your email address, so it can't be harvested by spammers.

It enables you to avoid leaving your email address anywhere ever again - you can simple paste your Contact Button wherever needed to allow people to email you directly, without seeing your email address.

The Button can also hold all your IM details, making it easier for people to contact you and preventing electronic harvesting of these details (it looks tidier too).

The Button also enables you to aggregate your online social identity and place it wherever you want - by allowing you to include any or all of your social profiles on the Button. In this way, people can find you wherever you are on the web. Do your friends know all the websites you belong to? They will be able to now - at a glance. We support over 150 different social websites.

We have designed the Button to be small and discrete, so you can place it on as many pages as you want. You can even choose the text you want to display on it.

Create Your Button

Free People Search

Our people search engine enables anyone to search for a person and obtain highly filtered results, for free and without being registered.

It aggregates content in real time from many different publically available sources on the web to provide photos, social network, social media as well as general web results. You can instantly see whether the people you are looking for might be on popular networks like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Blogger and many more.

Its search engine will be upgraded shortly to provide access to publically available contact details like addresses and telephone numbers.

Free People Search

Trace Old Friends & Relatives / Online People Tracing Service

We all want to find someone we have lost contact with. We now make it much easier for you with our free online people tracing service.

Why do travellers leave notices on cafe bulletin boards for people they are trying to catch up with? It's because they know that they will find that person much faster if they harness other people to help them. Many people read bulletin boards and if they later come across the people concerned, they let that person verbally know about the notice they have seen at the cafe - the chances are that the information will be transferred without the intended recipient having actually seen the source of the information (the notice) to begin with.

In a similar way, we use all the major Search Engines as "Bulletin Boards" to create a unique missing person's notice for the person you are looking for.

Why is this so powerful? Because everyone uses the Search Engines to guide them around the web - and we use them to as a bulletin board for your missing person's notice ("Trace Notice"), which gives you the widest possible audience for the fact that you are searching for that person. The Trace Notice also gives people the means of contacting you (without you having to reveal your contact details to anyone). Anyone (or anyone who knows them) coming across their name on the web will know that you are trying to find them.

With a few clicks you can post your Trace Notice on the internet letting people know you are searching for them.

Trace Lost Friends and Relatives

Search Alert

Every day, around 50 million people are Googled by people or organisations. Have you ever wondered if someone has been Googling you?

Search Alert lets you know when you've been Googled!

How does it do this? It's very simple. When you register with us, you create a unique profile page with your name on it (which might show as little as your name, gender and nationality). This page should rank high up in Google's search engine results because it has been highly optimized for a search of your name.

Anyone looking for you on Google will therefore be drawn to your profile page like a magnet because it will have your name in the titles of the search engine results. The moment they click on your page, we capture some of their details from their IP address, which allows you to see what time and what day they Googled you and where they Googled you from, which we plot on a Google Map.

If the person Googled you from a business, we should even be able to tell you the name of that business in most cases. So if you have a job interview coming up, you'll know if they have done some online research on you first! Every time you are Googled, we save these details in a report for you so that you can keep track of how often it is happening to you. What's more, you can choose if you want an email notification of every time it happens!

The service is particularly useful for:-

  • People applying for jobs - be alerted when companies Google you.
  • Professionals - be alerted when clients search you online.
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs - be alerted if customers are searching for you online.
  • People seeing if their ex's are still looking for them.
  • Everyone who is interested in being alerted if anyone is searching for them.

Search Alert


We provide a simple blog facility so you can express yourself about anything that interests you. You can keep track of how many people have read your blog in your blog stats, accessed from your profile page when you have signed in. Our site receives thousands of visitors a day, so if you produce something worth reading it might be read by hundreds of people a week!


Twitter FreeSearch

FreeSearch is available when you are on Twitter.

It enables you to search for people across the web when you are on Twitter, by simply "tweeting" the person's name to @FreeSearch.

After you have tweeted a name, we will search for them across social media, social networks and the web generally, then aggregate the results before sending you a reply with that person's details to your home page on Twitter.