Site Visual Guide

This is a short visual guide to the easy to use features of our Website.


  • Address Book page

    Free Online Address Book

    Create your very own page on the web (your "profile page") where you can show as much or as little of your personal contact information as you want. Be found and contacted by old friends, family or business contacts within 3 clicks of a Google search of your name. You don't have to reveal your email address and the person contacting you doesn't have to be registered. See our Address Book Visual Guide for an explanation of our "Instant Email" system and why we are different from Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn.

    It's Free - Get it now!

  • Contact Button

    Contact Button

    You never have to display your email address again so it can be harvested by spammers. Simply paste the Contact Button on your website, blog or forum in place of your email address. The Button can also hold all your IM/VOIP addresses and enable you to aggregate your online social identity.

    Create Your Button

    See Our Easy To Follow Installation Instructions

  • Free People Search

    Free People Search

    Our people search engine enables anyone to search for a person and obtain highly filtered results, for free and without being registered. Find photos, social networks, social media and highly filtered results for the person you are searching for.

    Free People Search

  • Online People Tracing Service

    Online People Tracing Service

    Lost contact with friends or family? Our online people tracing service is one of the most powerful tools on the web to re-establish contact with someone - and it will only take you 5 minutes of your time.

    Trace Lost Friends and Relatives

  • Search Engine Search Alert

    Search Alert

    Find out when someone has Googled you. Because your profile will rank high in the Search Engine results (unless you have a very common name) your profile will be a magnet to someone trying to find you. When they do, we capture their details. Very useful for job applicants, business professionals, business owners or even people dating!

    Search Alert

You can read in more detail about the functionality on the website here - Site Functionality