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Gracia or Gracian Lebelinski lived with Olga Gwendoline Davies(or Gimblett) in the UK and with whom he produced two children. One, a boy, was named Jan Lebelinski, and the other, a girl, was named Marrysia Olga Lebelinski.Jan was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK, on 22nd March, 1 950, and Marrysia Olga Lebelinski, on 17th March, 1 949. Jan and his sister Marrysia Olga Lebelinsk were later left, by Gracia or Gracian Lebelinski in " The Home of the Good Shepherd Nursery ", Clifvue Common, The Mayals, Swansea, South Wales, UK. Later, both children were adopted by Mister L.O. Clarke and his wife Misses K. D. Clarke who lived at 21 Elmroyd Avenue, Pottersī Bar, Middlesex, UK.
The " Home of the Good Shepherd Nursery " was, at the time, administered by the " Church of England Childrenīs Society " (Formerly " Waifs and Strays "), Old Town Hall, Kennington Road, London S.E.11
My natural mother, Olga Gwendoline Davies, then Olga Gwendoline Lebelinski, later married a Yugoslav whose surname is Lazarevic,and my natural father, Gracia(n) Lebelinski, later married an Austrian girl whose name and surname I ignore.
I have seen that there are various Lebelinski registered in or in, and there is one who is around eighty years of age - his name is Stuart Lebelinski, and I think he must be Gracia(n)īs brother, since Gracian must be of about the same age as he is.
I have also found out, by way of Google and Facebook, that Mister Richard F. Lebelinski lives in a place named " Sutton in Ashfield ", Uk, and operates a samll business called 837 designs - and has another Email address :
Also, in both and in google, one can see other members of the family. Why donīt I contact them ? Well, I have sent an Email letter to, and nobody has, as yet, replied. Also, I donīt know how my family members will treat me. You see, I understand that, when Gracia(n) Lebelinski and Gwendoline Olga Davies (or Gimblett or Lazarevic)signed the papers which permit adoption, Mister Gracia(n) Lebelinski was only too anxious that his new wife, an Austrian girl, should know nothing of his past (his relationship with Olga Gwendoline Davies(or Gimblett) and of me (Jan Lebelinski) and my sister (Marrysia Olga Lebelinski). Probably, my family in Engand ( the Lebelinskis), will be shocked or unbelieving when they hear about my sister and I. It is for these reasons that I now write to you, hoping that you can engineer some means by which all of the family can now be united, and without any hostility towards me and my sister.

I am now John Michael Clarke, born Jan Lebelinski, and re-named by Leslie Owen CLarke and Kathleen Dora Clarke, my adopter parents. My interest in finding Gracia(n) Lebeslinski and/or his descendendants is that my Bolivian wife, my two Bolivian sons,my English-born daughter and I form a small family, and we all wish to be part of a larger one. Also, my present small family wishes to know our genealogical tree, before my wife and I die our natural deaths. Also, I long to relate to people to whom I am related, but whom I have never met. My separation from my original family has long been a source of personal sadness, and, for many years, I have dreamed of meeting my relatives.
Yours sincerly

John Michael Clarke(formerly Jan Lebelinski).

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April 8th, 2009

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