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William is a 53yr old gentleman with slight learning disabillities who went missing from home in Paisley, Scotland after going to the shop for a bottle of milk on Saturday September 1st 2007. The last time i heard anything about him was a bank statement saying he had used a bank machine in Victoria, London, this was the middle of September 2007. I tried my local Police at the time but wasn't taken too seriously. Since then i have tried every concievable way to find him but mainly coming up against brick walls every time. William is about 5ft 9" tall, medium build, hair is very receeded at front and very grey at back, he originally came from Glasgow but was living with me, his partner in Paisley when he went missing. He could still be in London in a YMCA or some other type of Hostel or on the streets which would make him very vulnerable. He might even be in Glasgow for all i know. He is a very friendly chap and could be wearing silver or gold rimmed glasses. I am desperate to find out where he is and to know that he is safe , if anyone reading this knows of his whereabouts please give him this number 07956491377 and ask him to text or call me, my name is Paul, or alternatively mail me at paulhinshelwood@operamail.com Thankyou.

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April 9th, 2009

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