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John Mary


Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Mrs. Pongpun Boonsombut from Thailand and I am writing this letter because I really need your help. I am searching for a very much closed friends and also as family and they are an American citizen.

Let me tell you a brief story about them. They are John Bugby and Mary Bugby, husband and wife and they had a son by the named Chirstopher. John and Mary Bugby are missionaries and they came to Thailand met me and stayed with me for many years in Chumporn, Thailand. That time, I got a house in Chumporn. That was 40 years ago. After that they left and gone back to America.

Time passed and finally, I decided to move from Chumporn to reside in Bangkok. Ten years after, their son Christopher came to Chumporn and found out the house unoccupied. He gave a letter to one of the neighbors and left the house. I went back to Chumporn and my neighbor told me that someone a foreigner came here to the house, found no one in the house and he handed over a letter with her but she had misplaced and nowhere to be found. Ever since then, I lost contact with them.

So, how can I get in touch with them again since I don’t have their correspondence information?

Is it possible, your department able to help me getting in touch with them again?

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,


Mobile # 6682-325-0786

Date Posted
February 24th, 2010

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