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Phuket/London, Thailand/England

David is 5'10"', well built with dark thinning hair, tanned skin, is 59 years of age and has a very distinctive smart way of dress. He is of British origin, originally from Nottingham, lived in West Yorkshire for many years up until he moved to Thailand in 2001. He has two siblings named John and Linda. I am his only daughter, and the last time I saw my Dad in person was in 2001 and didn't hear from him from 2003 up until November of 2008. At this time he spoke to my Mother and told her he was now living in London England and had 3 Specsaver businesses, but was very vague and we cannot be sure if this is actually true. Unfortunately I did not get to speak to him as I was away traveling. He stressed that he wanted to speak to me but hasn't been in contact again since, I have tried to contact him numerous times on the number he left to no avail. The last time I spoke to him personally was in 2003. From what I can remember he had an Opticians business in Phuket Thailand, he was married to a Thai woman named Jenny and had a son who he named Christopher, who would be around 7/8 years old now. He also had a distinctive white BMW at the time. From what I can grasp he may still have ties in Thailand and has a base in London. I am now based in Canada and have been since 2007 which he knows. If anyone who lives in London or Thailand happens to know a David Morris or someone closely fitting this description, I would be very grateful if you could put him in contact with me. And if you are reading this Dad don't be scared to pick up the phone I am just a call away. I may have been very young when you left but I am now 20 years old and do not harbor any negative feelings towards the situation, I would just like to get to know you again we used to be so close! Anyone with info can contact me by emailing bryony.dhyan.morris@live.com Thank you!

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March 19th, 2010

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