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don't know, don't know

he's my dad and i have never seen him or he has never sen me i am 45 now and i would like to offer him the gift of forgivness and to let him know that he had a son who is full of love for him also i have kids so he could be missing out on a lot of love before he leaves earth. I know of the story from my mum's point of view but would like to hear his story and for us to look into each other's souls as no matter how long it's been we are connected and he's my dad i would like to know him, this has been coming up at lot lately so am putting it out there, he was born in August 1934 in Gernada but lived in England and was married here. i feel it's that time as the calling is strong! blessings to you who could help me. Peace

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March 29th, 2010

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