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Isabell Wegner

Köln/Cologne or surrounding area, Germany

I became online friends with Isabell a month ago. We have developed a deep bond in that time, as we are very much alike. We IM and email daily with one another. She disappeared on July 2nd for three days. She had been hospitalized for heat exposure and was dehydrated, and was unable to contact me until July 5th.
We talked daily through Friday, when she had plans for a party at her tennis club. We planned to talk Saturday before she went to view the 3rd place World Cup game.
I last spoke with Isabell at 10a (4p Köln) Friday the 9th.
I only know a few hard things about her, all based on information given by Isabell herself.

Isabell Wegner (no middle name)
Birthday is December 1
22 years old
DOB should be Dec. 1, 1987
Single, never married
Lives somewhere in the Köln area
Licensed to Drive
Has a valid passport
Does not own a car
Works at the Köln offices of the Express news publication, purchasing publishing rights for images.
Long dark blond hair with light streaks
Very pretty woman
Plays tennis at a local club, and has been in tournaments at some level.

Date Posted
July 15th, 2010

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