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Bissegem/Kortrijk, Belgium

Careen was a Belgian Ergotherapist so was her husband Johaan.I be friended Johaan and Careen somewhere in 1986/1987 when Careen was working for missionary run old home very near Kortrijk/Bissegem I really do not know the name of that city.Creen had two children Peter and Alexander. Alexander died because of a brain tumor and I understand Careen got a divorce from Johaan. Careen should be about 56 or 57. Careen was very close to a couple Patrick and Merium who used to run a record shop in Kortrijk near the Kopke hotel. Her where abouts should be available in any publication listing past and present Ergotherapist in Flanders. Careen was very close to her friend Marry Poole whose husband was in a wheel chair because of some problem with his spine and Marry Poole gave everything to him. Marry Poole was a good common friend so was Patrick and Merium. I have to locate her for a number of reasons beside that she was a very dear and close friend. I have to clear out some miss understanding that was created between us because of circumstances.The last I saw Careen was somewhere in 1990.

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August 10th, 2010

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