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Hornchurch, Essex, United Kingdom

Hello Paul - we were housemates way back in 1989 in a shared house in Mendip Road, Hornchurch, Essex, United Kingdom - I had run there from a live in relationship in West London which had turned violent. You were so kind and supportive to me, giving all sorts of advice about respecting myself and other people - I wish I had taken it on board at the time. In a futile attempt to move on with my life I left Mendip Road way too quickly - I took cheap lodgings in a local pub and you still came to see me with your mate whilst I was working a shift. The pub was a nightmare and I ran again but this time left no contact details and also ran right away from Essex and therefore lost all contact with you. Since then I like to think I have come a long way - I've been to university and got a degree and a postgraduate diploma and I now have my own flat and a job I love but I have never forgotten you or your goodwill. I would love to meet you again, firstly to say thanks and secondly to show you all the skills you taught me which I like to think I've improved on. We lived at Mendip Road from September 1989 and I moved to the pub in January 1990 which is something I wish I'd never done. I might have got myself together much more quickly if I'd stayed at Mendip Road and maybe spent some more time with you. I remember you saying that your birthday was in June, that you didn't eat cheese, apples or bananas and that you once knew the lead singer/guitarist of Level 42 which I have never doubted. You lived directly below me in the downstairs room, there were also two couples in the house as well, the one upstairs were called Paul and Sandra, the other had a dog called Tyne and the girl was pregnant and I believe was called Mel - I cannot remember the name of the guy. I believe you were originally from Leicestershire and had a job in Central London. I would love to get back in touch with you but I appreciate that you would have long left Mendip Road by now, that you may no longer live in Hornchurch and that you may be married and/or have a family and I totally respect your wishes if you don't wish to see me. In any event though, thanks again, be happy and have a good life as you deserve it. All the best and take care - Liz

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November 3rd, 2010

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