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Pamela Rupard

Fountain Valley, California, U.S.A.

We met when we were both 16. She lived in Brea, California, & I lived 30 miles away in Riverside. She used her step-father's last name, Sullivan, in school. She has a Sister, Peggy, & 3 Brothers, Phil, Jamie, & Shawn. We had a tragic affair that ended very badly. I had to leave her for her own good, but I made her very angry, so she wouldn't feel as sad. I guess that her family is still upset, 40 years later. I tried to contact her occasionally over the years, to apologize for childhood mistakes, without causing much more upset, as if I was a stalker, but could not get through. I wrote over 100 songs, inspired by the event, but greatly exaggerated for effect, so I'm not really still that heart-broken, or trying to re-unite. I'd just like for her to be aware of them before they come out, & perhaps share in the money that they make. I also typed a script about our experiences. Through courthouse records, I found that she married James Perkins, & had 2 Daughters, Kristie Dawn & Mary Amber, then divorced him. It's hard to determine how accurate & current info on the internet is, but it looks like she's living in Fountain Valley, California. I prefer to use e-mail, as calling her on the telephone might be more upsetting, if the numbers I found are really her's. I found the website of a Shawn Sullivan who runs a music studio near where I lived in Riverside's La Sierra suburb, & sent him the URL to some of the songs. He replied that he'd check them out, but I never heard from him again, & I'm not sure of he's her Brother, or just has the same name. If my entertainment material gets me famous, the story is going to come out anyway, so I feel that it's only fair that she profits from our sad affair, instead of suffering the surprize shock when that happens.

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May 16th, 2012

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