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Tbilisi, Georgia

Mr.Sotkilava is a famous opera tenor in Tbilisi, the capitol of Russian Georgia. Last year, I received several e-mails from someone saying that he was him, & that he was very interested in my songs. He said that he could see how much money that he could make with them, & that it would be well worth the expense to fly me out there, & let me live in one of his rental properties, to work together on them. Of course, that sounds way too good to be true, so I attempted to verify it with him, his legal representives, & other Tbilisi officials, in the consulate, legal offices, universities, press, & media people, but none replied to confirm or deny if it was genuine or not. I have copies of all of the e-mails, & the songs that I sent to him. I offered my entire share of the money to Tbilisi causes, Churches, &/or charities. He seemed upset that I would not take any money, & I never heard from him again.

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May 28th, 2012

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