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Kim Sickles

Valejo, CA, U.S.A.

We met on a crowded freeway ramp in the San Fernando Valley while hitchhiking, back in 1974, She & her friend, Sue, got a ride right away, & invited my friend & I to join them, so we were saved from being stuck there for days with all of the other guys there. Later that night, the CHP told us to go to sleep in the bushes, & start again in the morning, since a rapist was operating in the area. It was a doubly amazing night, because first, the CHP returned to arrest my friend for a murder that was done in New York by a guy with the same exact name & birthdate, then, when I mentioned a cane that I had found on the side of the freeway on the way to Flagstaff the month before, Sue mentioned how she had dropped her cane, & it turned out to be the same one! I still have it. We stayed in Valejo for a couple of days with Kim & her fiance, Bob.

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May 29th, 2012

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