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Kami Bovell is trying to find Felicia Felicia

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Boston/ Massachusetts, United States

Name: Felicia, Felecia, Falisha, Phelycia, Philycia, Phyllisha, Phellisha,

Nickname: Fee

Birthdate/Age: 1985/25-26

Graduated: 2003

Last Address: Boston, MA

Past job: worked at a school (believe she was a groundskeeper) she said she was gonna work for someone who gave her things to do around the school and that she had worked for that person during a summer job)

Past School:

Interests: weed, cigarettes, (smoking)

Height: 5\'2-5\'4

Hair: Black, very short, usually worn in a ponytail

What I recall:

I am trying to find a Felicia who told me that she was from Boston. She should be about 26 yrs of age, short black hair, and african american. I met her in Washington DC. Around the downtown area in 2003. You were with your friend and said you didn\'t mess with the guys who brought you to DC last time. I\'m light skin, black hair and drive a small RED car. I would like to stay in touch and possibly rekindle what we had. kidgemini21@hotmail.com is my email address.

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July 31st, 2012

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