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Baltimore, United States

I met Jason in California soon after he was released from the Navy. He hadn't served long because of some type of injury happening after bootcamp. He was looking to find what he wanted to do with his life and we hung out for a while. His place of living became an unhealthy one and I wasn't there for him when he called for help being the only person he knew. I was really strung out on drugs at the time and so I wasn't there for him. I did hear from him a couple months after that his parents got him a plane ticket home and he was then living somewhere other than Maryland where he was born. He would be around 34-36 and he is either a former Mormon or may have gone back to the LDS church. I think he may have been in Texas at one point. I mainly just wanted to check to see that he's doing ok. I have been looking for about 8 years now. I saw this site and thought I'd give it a chance.

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March 22nd, 2013

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