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Robert Hamel is trying to find Catherine Hester

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L. ?

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Catherine Crawford

Nederland, Texas

I made a promise to you 31 years ago. When you needed my help, a chain of events were unleashed, that caused me to break that promise. It has bothered me for all of these years.

I am a man of my word, and I loved you SO much, even in spite of the obstacles, and to not be able to fulfill my promise when you really needed my help has eaten away at me.

I pray you are well, healthy, and in good spirits. You did something for me, and gave important information, which I still live by to this day, and there is a debt I owe you for helping, and having faith in me.

Please let this message to my dear long lost friend. I cannot go to my grave without her hearing and KNOWING the deets of the situation and why it seemed I abandoned her.

Date Posted
December 21st, 2013

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